Our federation is a non-governmental organisation working on a non-profit basis. It was constituted in Switzerland under the laws of the canton of Geneva, its statutes and article 60 as well as the relevant clauses of the civil code.

Our objective is to further free zones around the world and help them develop, especially, in emerging countries and countries in transition.

Our functions involve offering experience, issuing norms, rules and processes, training professionals and assisting with technical, legal and economic support.

Our methods to get these objectives and further these functions are based on the promotion of forums and workshops, the maintenance of a constant line of communication with and among our affiliates, as well as regular meetings with international, financial, social and environmental institutions.

Internal organisation: Femoza is managed according to the agreements of its Executive Committee.

Our objective is to further free zones around the world and help them develop, especially, in emerging countries and countries in transition.


Free zones around the world, helping them set up, develop and grow.


Free zones, according to their different areas or their denomination, such as export processing zones (EPZ), industry, trade, services, tourism, logistics, free port, bonded warehouse, etc. The goal is to share experiences, as well as information and technology.


Free zones, so that they keep revitalising the economy.
We study changes in international law, which may affect or restrict free zone facilities and operational advantages.


With training and help schemes, as well as technical consultancy, providing the know-how necessary for their development, organising educational programmes among the member free zones, either directly or through agreements with other institutions.


Our database and access to other international databases.
Regular newsletters.


Promoting internships and employee exchange programmes in order to acquire experience.


The option of free zone in the presence of international organisations by attending meetings and economic debates.
By technology transfer in agreement with user companies.
Raising the industrial and labour level through training programmes with the support and help of international organisations based in Geneva and keeping a permanent personal contact with them.

With an ONLINE platform.

Taking part in international forums.

Through business trips to countries and zones requesting it.

To facilitate progress and reach welfare.

To protect and increase the Free & Special Economic Zones image and standards.

To incorporate zones in the process of globalisation.

Clarity and neutrality in all our activities.

To maintain a recognised and open ethical behaviour.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is the main managing body of FEMOZA and is elected by the General Assembly. According to articles 9, 10 and 11 of our statutes:

• Femoza is managed and administered by an Executive Committee. The Committee consists of a minimum of five members, chosen by the General Assembly for a period of five years. They are eligible for re-election. President, Vice-President, Secretary General and Treasurer are nominated by the Committee among its members. These members form the Committee, which is active in the Federation’s management.

• The Executive Committee assumes the control, management, administration and representation of the Federation. It is legally represented by the President’s signature and, in his absence, by the Vice-President‘s.

• The Committee meetings are organised by the President. The Committee will meet if a third of the members request the President to call a meeting. Decisions can be taken with no need of a minimum quorum. The President’s vote is decisive in case of equality.