The SEZ Global Executive Retreat was recently hosted in the city of Katowice from 3rd to 6th June 2024, organized by FEMOZA with the collaboration of Katowice Special Economic Zone (KSSE) as a host partner. 

Participants came from different nationalities representing SEZs and key stakeholders in the Economic Zones and Industrial Parks. With the opening ceremony held during the Silesia Investment Congress, which featured a session titled “Towards Next Generation of SEZs” with discussants such as Juan Torrents – President of FEMOZA, Rafal Zelanzy – President of the Board, Katowice Special Economic Zone, Mikal Sikora – SEZ Consultant at Cushman & Wakefield, Charles Itembe – Director General, Export Processing Zones of Tanzania, Karim Palmieri – CEO, and moderated by Stanley Ezeilo – Executive Manager of FEMOZA.

Insights were shared on topical issues such as repatriation of profits by investors, supply chain disruptions, regulatory frameworks, digitalisation of operations, foreign direct investments, cooperation & competitiveness.

An insightful presentation by Yugo Kimura from OECD touched on achieving regional attractiveness through SEZs.

The Retreat also featured a study visit to Silesia Automotive Cluster, and was hosted at the industrial facility of Kirchhoff by the senior management of the company. There were presentations by the host, who later took delegates on a tour of the robot-controlled automotive welding and fabrication plant units. Delegates and officials were treated to a concert night and a cocktail networking dinner.

Another important component of the Retreat is the Executive Workshop, which was held on the second day at KSSENON , a newly built business accelerator facility by Katowice Special Economic Zone. There were topical presentations with Q&As, insight sessions and project presentations from two countries. A renowned SEZ expert and Senior Economist at the World Bank, Douglas Zeng led the presentations with the strategic framework of developing competitive SEZs and was followed by a presentation by Ivette Cano of Adrianople on digital mapping of SEZs. Deputy Director of Investment and Global Partnerships at Katowice Special Economic Zone made presentations about KSSE Sub Zones and expansions. There was a guided study tour of the KSSENON facility, and various discussions on possible partnerships with SEZs outside Poland.

The SEZ Global Executive will now be an annual feature in the FEMOZA event calendar, and we are giving opportunities to SEZs in other countries and regions to be our co-host partners. To have a discussion about this, send us a mail to

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