The leading SEZ in Europe, Katowice Special Economic Zone has signed a memorandum of understanding with FEMOZA to foster deeper cooperation and achieve mutual interests by both organizations. It was signed during the opening of SEZ Global Executive Retreat held in Katowice, which was co-hosted by the two organizations.

In the months leading up to the event, there were discussions by the two organizations on ways to collaborate in attracting international visibility for Katowice Special Economic Zone (KSSE), as the leading SEZ in Europe and Poland as a proven location for successful integration of SEZs in the national and regional economic development.

This has also paved the way for recognition of Poland as an affiliate member country of FEMOZA, which would attract benefits such as capacity building for SEZs, access to global trade partners, tailor-made efficient management systems and investment capital for SEZ development.

FEMOZA remains committed as a neutral non-political sector-focused international organisation that supports development of SEZs around the world, by offering countries our expert knowledge for SEZ programme and opportunities for integration into global markets.

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