Economic growth emerald: Forbes completely changed the view of Belarus in just a day

Editorial director Forbes (Finland), ex-editor Forbes (USA) Tom Post and publisher Forbes Latvia, Estonia, Finland Arkady Shteimans were pretty straightforward, evaluating the HTP as a “super-story in the embryonic state.” However, for only a day the opinion of experts has changed.

“We are amazed at the caliber of reforms that President Lukashenko has been launching in recent years. The courage, ambitiousness of the decisions taken to liberalize the crypto-currencies, the creation of the Free Zone of the Great Stone, the expansion of preferences in the HTP – are comparable, perhaps, only with the reforms of Lee Kuan Yew in Singapore.”


Belarusian economy could double

The vision changed completely on the last day of the visit, in terms of business culture and the potential of the country. The natural odesería of the leaders of the opinion in Minsk and the asymmetric information on the business achievements in Belarus have distorted the perception of the business climate.

Having seen the HTP, the development center for global player Juno, plunging into the future with the founders of Synesis, through snowstorm and snowfall, visiting the mega-project Great Stone Industrial Park – we can confidently conclude: Belarus stands on the eve of an economic leap as “Asian tigers” in the 90’s. And that’s why. HTP residents, who have made the first money on outsourcing services, are now actively investing in the development of new products. So, they take the risk of competing around the world – launching a catalyst for entrepreneurship. Programmers, after working 3-4 years, do spin-off, create their own teams and, based on the experience of the most demanding international customers, create their companies, offering IT services of a global level.

Great Stone Industrial Park ($ 1 billion investments for today, within two years – at least $ 3 billion) will be able to increase the total export of goods and services made in Belarus by 50%.
Great Stone Industrial Park is a strategic ticket for your country. It will help rebuild your major industrial enterprises, give them innovation and efficiency, without losing jobs – and thereby makes an unprecedented economic breakthrough.


March 3, 2018

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