Guatemala volcano eruption

The volcano of fire in Guatemala has exploded and there are already another 25 deaths. The volcano has fired smoke and rocks at 10km into the air, the eruption has forced a massive exodus from nearby villages, which have been covered by ashes, this has been confirmed by the National Coordinator of Disaster Reduction in Guatemala. Local news reports indicate that approximately 2,000 people have fled the area.

After awakening on Sunday, and for the second time this year, the Volcan de Fuego (Volcano of Fire) has generated strong pyroclastic flows in the Barrancas de Cenizas, Mineral, Seca, Taniluya, Las Lajas and Barranca Honda localities.

After shooting up some 10,000 meters into the air, the residue “advanced more than 40 kilometers” with the direction of the wind, Conred said, noting that the eruption “generated strong reverberations with shock waves causing vibration in roofs and windows at a distance of 20 kilometers.”

June 04, 2018
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