IMPORTANT TRAINING PROGRAM AGREEMENT SIGNED BY: Between TECNOCAMPUS Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona, Spain and FEMOZA, Geneva, Switzerland

TECNOCAMPUS – Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona, Spain and FEMOZA, Fédération Mondiale des Zones Franches, “THE WORLD FREE & SPECIAL ECONOMIC ZONES FEDERATION, Geneva, Switzerland, reached an agreement, to cooperate in a permanent and open training program, in order to bridge the gap and improve the Free & Special Economic Zones knowledge .


TECNOCAMPUS, has the only available Degree in Logistics in Spain, and the good respond received, encouraged them to achieve new challenges, with this agreement with FEMOZA  both Institutions, look for to open and improve it globally, specially to emergent Countries.


Some other goals are that TECNOCAMPUS will be the host for a monographic and public Library on line, about Free & Special Economic Zones, Best practices to attract FDI, Zones and Management Models.


After more than five months of talks, final agreement was signed last March 15th, some Universities and High Schools, contacted and are in touch with FEMOZA, in order to replicate the TECNOCAMPUS experiences.


Geneva, 16th March 2017

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