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The political uncertainty is considered to be the main concern among European investors, according to the EY survey.

Even so, geopolitical tensions have not made foreign investors stop trusting European investments, reports Timothy Conley.

Political instability, protectionism and Brexit are affecting foreign investment decisions in Europe, according to research from professional services firm EY.

The EY’S Attractiveness Survey Europe 2018, interviewed more than 500 corporate executives of the world, and revealed that around 39% of investors see geopolitical instability as the biggest risk facing projects in Europe.

Among the most complicated obstacles faced by FDI in Europe, business executives after geopolitical instability consider both economic and political instability in the EU (excluding Brexit) and also the increase in economic policies. In the same way as with the United States and the United Kingdom, Europe is experimenting with its own populist political movements, and could have important economic consequences for the continent.


June 11, 2018

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