TITANIUM VALLEY has entered into the rating of the top 10 attractive investment in special economic zones and industrial forests

The SEZ ” Titanium Valley” has a total of 22.86 points. Achieved a score of 28.71 points and 27.60 points the leaders of the classification: technopolis “Himgrad” and SEZ Alabuga “respectively, both located in Tatarstan.They were evaluated 85 main sites in 2018: greenfield projects with a total area of at least 40 hectares and Brownfield projects with a total area of at least 5 hectares.

This is a second rating of investment attractiveness of parks and SEZ compiled by analytical center “Expert”. Methodologically, projects were evaluated on 28 parameters. Parameters were divided into 6 large groups: “Services and management”, “Location”, “Cost of resources”, “Benefits”, “Working with residents” and “Region of location”.

May 22, 2018

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