Nowadays, there is an important lack of knowledge and professional training programmes, helping to develop, manage and operate: Free and Special Economic Zone’s projects.

Free and Special Economic Zones have been for decades the tool to create jobs, attract FDI and increase the economies for many Countries.

Training is a must in all Free & Special Economics Zones, to improve labour skills to attract Foreign Investors and to be more confident with them.
Femoza bridge the gap with a permanent Training Program.

Training Program`s main objectives:

logo-meet-270x300– To learn how to attract FDI.

– To Operate a Free & Special Economic Zone

– To be a leader in Free Zones knowledge

– To understand the philosophy of Free & Special Economic Zones.

– To facilitate Governments and Promoters to develop their projects.

– To link Local Industries with latest technologies.

– To analyse and define: concepts, process, strategies, methods and risks.