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Force Majeure Global Online Forum


26th June (Friday), 13.00CEST TIME


The shutdown of due to the pandemic of the coronavirus has become unprecedented, as the global supply chain become more internalized. Meanwhile, the pandemic impacts employees, supply chains and consumer demand. Companies in the manufacturing, distribution, aviation industry and retail sector are analysing how to best navigate these unprecedented times.

Many companies have now turned to the force majeure clauses which presented in their contract. In those jurisdictions where the force majeure clause exists in the contract, it can potentially protect a nonperforming party under that contract by suspending or excusing performance based on the unpredictable pandemic. On the other hand, the force majeure doctrine will not automatically apply in civil law countries, therefore, in the civil law countries “pandemic” must be defined to include the event as the COVID-19.

The SCLA Force Majeure Global Online Forum- the 6th SCLA Global Forum will be a unique platform to exchange on Force majeure- during which we will have in depth exchange between legal experts and industry leaders.

This 150 minute forum will be divided to two sessions, in the first session, legal experts from China, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and Peru; In the second session, we will host the expert panel from International Chamber of Commerce(ICC), International Air Transport Association (IATA), The World Free & Special Economic Zones Federation (Femoza), ect.


The participation will be free for the member of SCLA. For invited external participants, please register here: , by 25th June 2020. The registration fee is 40 Euros for professional participants, and 25 for full-time academics.

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