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China And Japan’s ‘New Great Game’ Intensifies In Myanmar

New Silk Road: Japan To Counteract China In Kazakhstan With New Asia-Europe. … While the Sino-Myanmar pipeline — which stretches from the $10 billion Chinese-invested Kyauk Pyu Port and special economic zone on the bay of Bengal all the way to Kunming in China’s Yunnan province went into …

Under the auspices of its Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) — which promises trillions of dollars for foreign infrastructure development and energy projects — China has been an extremely active player in Myanmar, becoming the country’s biggest trading partner and source of foreign direct investment. Since 1988, China has dumped $14 billion of FDI into Myanmar, one-third of the country’s total, and over the first eight months of the current fiscal year, trade between China and Myanmar has risen to more than $7.42 billion, on track to at least match last year’s total of $10.8 billion.


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