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"In Memoriam"

to our loved Honorary President Mr. Peter F. Ryan


Mr. Peter F. Ryan



FEMOZA is the heritage of the Fédération Mondiale des Zones Franches. It is recalled that FEMOZA was founded in 1999 under the name of Fédération Mondiale des Zones Franches.

FEMOZA is a non-for- profit NGO governed by their statutes and subsidiarity by articles 60 et seq. of the Swiss Civil Code.

It is independent of any government or any political or private institution and confessional neutral.

It was created by an initiative of the Swiss Group Fondation EMA INVEST and Mr. Juan Torrents. However, its origins go back to 1976 when founder Mr. Peter F. Ryan, as UNIDO Director, led the Program EXPORT PROCESSING ZONES and founded WEPZA for UNDP/UNIDO.

Granted by UNCTAD’s and UNIDO’s with the Status of Observer, it is the only such Swiss National Organisation representing the interests of Free Zones, Export Processing Zones and Special Economic Zones globally.

Member of Geneve Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Geneve International, FEMOZA is endorsed and have signed MoU’s with 92 International Institutions from 32 Countries.

Mr. Peter F. Ryan
UNIDO Director, he led the program, EXPORT PROCESSING ZONES (1976)
FEMOZA’s Founder and Vice President (1999/2009)
FEMOZA Honorary President.  
Rest in Peace

Who we are

FEMOZA is a non-for-profit NGO, Association, governed by their statutes and subsidiarity by articles 60 et seq. of the Swiss Civil Code.
The only such Swiss National Organisation, representing the interests of Free, Export Processing Zones and Special Economic Zones globally. to increase and sharing prosperity, and promoting sustainable development.

What we do

Our functions involve offering experience, issuing norms, rules, and processes by assisting with technical, legal, and social support.

Our methods to get these objectives and further these functions are based on the promotion of technical meetings, the maintenance of a constant line of communication with and among our affiliates, as well as regular meetings with international, social, and environmental institutions.

We support

Free & Special Economic Zones, around the world helping them to set up, develop, and grow, especially in emerging countries and countries in transition.

We gather

Free & Special Economic Zones, according to their different areas or denomination, such as Export Processing Zones (EPZ), industrial, trade, services, tourism or logistics zones, Free Ports, Bonded Warehouses, etc. to share experiences, as well as information and technology.

We protect

Free & Special Economic Zones, so that they can keep revitalizing and improving economies. We study changes in international law, which may affect or restrict Free Zone facilities and operational advantages.

FEMOZA is based in Geneva, a global city, financial center, and worldwide diplomacy hub due to the presence of numerous international organizations, including the headquarters of many of the agencies of the United Nations and the Red Cross.
In fact, Geneva is the city that hosts the highest number of international organizations in the world.

How we work

With training and help schemes, as well as technical consultancy, providing the know-how necessary for their development, organising educational programmes among the Affiliates, either directly or through agreements with other institutions.

By technology transfer in agreement with user companies.
Raising the industrial and labour level through training programmes with the support and help of international organisations based in Geneva and keeping permanent personal contact with them.

Why we work

To facilitate progress and reach prosperity.
To protect and increase the Free & Special Economic Zones image and standards.
To incorporate zones in the New SEZ Generation.

Code of ethics

Clarity and neutrality in all our activities.
To maintain a recognised and open ethical behaviour.
Professional competence.

FEMOZA endorsed the UN 17th SDG’s Agenda 2020-2030

Internal organization

Bureau des Trustees

It is the main management body of the Organization.

It is mainly shaped by founding members and other members who shared our philosophy and objectives, incorporated during the first stage of Femoza.

Some of them have a daily and regular activity, while others have offered their full support anonymously to FEMOZA from the very beginning.  




It is the Bureau of Trustees representative, named by them, and as per Bureau of Trustees Executive meeting, held on December 20th 2019, as Chairman with full power and no limit time.


Presidency Cabinet


Is the team of experts supporting the Chairman, to achieve the commitment with UNCTAD and UNIDO, to work for the 17th SDG’s UN Agenda 2020/2030 members are elected for two years, they can be reelected without no limits of periods.

Strategic partners

Institutional Partners

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