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Strategic Plan 2020/2030

Includes internal organization, goals to be pursuing, as well as strategies, which will be the guide for its development



  • Support and Promote, Free & Special Economic Zones worldwide
  • All Zones will be served equally.
  • Reduce poverty through productive activities
  • Transparency and professionalism will conduct our activities.
  • The income funds will be used accordingly to goals and objectives only.
  • No any Free Zone in the World, restrict it participation due to their economic capacity.



  • FEMOZA, is unquestioned leader as the only non-for-profit active and open Organization that represents the interests of World Free & Special Economic Zones, Public or Private, since 1999, accredited with the UNIDO and UNCTAD Statute of Observer, recognized by WTO, EU Commission and several International Organizations sharing with them the way of thinking in socials, environment and welfare. FEMOZA has to continue and increase being and strengthen this leadership.
  • To adjust the corporate structure and open it to Zones participation
  • To develop an Investment Promotion Organization special to conduct FDI projects toward Free & Special Economic Zones with Public or Private Partnership
  • To be an NGO, Leader for its professionalism and actions, reliable, recognized and respected



  1. Create Regional working and consultative Committees
  2. Formulation of international policies and technical cooperation programs, in an active partnership with Countries and International Institutions
  3. Promoting industrial skills for better job opportunities with Training, Education and research new activities that will enhance de economic labor integration
  4. Approach to FDI decision Lobbies to link them with Zones projects
  5. To be in touch regularly with worldwide Free Zones, public or private through Conferences, Forum, Workshops and Seminars
  6. To edit and publish technical issues about Free Zones: Management, Experiences, Activities, Legislation and to keep update with new coming technologies.
  7. To motivate groups, for networking and technical visits to successful and experienced Free & Special Economic Zones.
  8. To stimulate Zones with Awards and Recognitions.
  9. To reinforce collaboration and agreements with other Associations with similar or complementary feelings
  10. To insure a regular and enough financial income, to guarantee a self-sufficient structure
  11. Our Corporative slogan :
  • Thinking together as a Zone

  • Working together as a Zone

  • Succeeding together as a Zone

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