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Femoza & Other Organisations

FEMOZA ‘s policy includes finding strategic or institutional partners for the development of its programmes in order to strengthen the support to the Free & Special Economic Zones’ development.

Since 2003, FEMOZA has the Status of Observer for UNIDO and UNCTAD; we participate in Missions and meetings at Palais de Nations in Geneva.

We keep in touch with regular meetings with Swiss and International Institutions in Geneva, including WTO, ITC and ILO

Femoza has signed cooperation Institutional agreements with:



  • Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Belarus
  • Free Economic Zone Gomel-Raton Administration
  • Gomel Branch of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Islamic Republic of Iran

  • University of Khorramshahr Marine Science & Technology, I.R.Iran
  • Khorramshahr Chamber of Commerce Industries, Mines and Agriculture
  • Aras Free Zone


  • National Export & Investment Agency KAZNEX INVEST, JSC
  • Association of the Entrepreneurs of Special Economic Zones of the Republic of Kazakhstan


  • ASCAME, Mediterranean Chamber of Commerce and Industry Association


  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia

Strategic partners

Institutional Partners

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