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Femoza & Other Organizations

FEMOZA’s policy includes finding strategic and institutional partners for the development of its programmes. Since 2003, FEMOZA has the Status of Observer for UNIDO and UNCTAD; we participate in Missions and meetings at Palais de Nations in Geneva. We also conduct regular meetings with Swiss and international institutions in Geneva, including the WTO, ITC and ILO.

Strategic Partners

FEMOZA has signed strategic partnership agreements with:


FEMAC is the official services provider for FEMOZA. The company is responsible for all for-profit activities related to the development of Free & Special Economic Zones for FEMOZA’s members and supporters.

Publi Créations

Publi Créations is FEMOZA’s official event organizer. The company is responsible for the organization and promotion of FEMOZA’s conferences and events around the world.

Institutional Partners

Femoza has signed institutional cooperation agreements with:

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