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Switzerland, Luxembourg, and Sweden ‘most resilient markets’

Among the main threats facing the markets are: political risk, natural disasters and cyber attacks. This is reported by Timothy Conley.

The first places among the annual FM Global Resilience Index are: Switzerland, Luxembourg and Sweden.

The evaluation of the index classifies the countries and territories, based upon their resiliency to a variety of business factors, including economic, risk quality, and supply chain. US-based insurance company FM Global relies upon internal data generated by property risk engineers, who “evaluate more than 10,000 locations annually around the world”, according to the index.

Located as the strongest market in the index, Switzerland, is among the top 10 providers of ingraestructora and local, political stability, low levels of corruption and economic productivity. Similarly, Luxembourg and Sweden provide businesses with political stability and economic productivity, as well as other distinct advantages, such as “passporting” rights to the EU single market and supply chain visibility, according to the index.


July 04, 2018
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