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For many centuries, the Free & Special Economic Zones have been an important tool to revitalize the economy, at first as a basis of commerce, and more recently they have become real industrial areas. But, since they work as an economic activity they have to be adapted, constantly, to the latest technologies and even more with the globalization of the economy.The Free Zones, operating in more than 130 countries, have usually been developed to assist economic needs or the creation of employment, but in most cases they have grown without any technological basis and with no knowledge of their real possibilities, for want of information and technical studies.

Some local or regional Associations have been created in order to exchange experiences and to improve the managing and efficiency, solving local problems in most cases; but the fact is that there is a great technological gap which does not allow the Free Zones to develop.

The International Organizations in Geneva have detected this need from many governments which had turned to them to ask for help for their projects.

Because of these requests, especially from emergent countries and countries in transitory development, Femoza has been set up, with enough capacity to assist and fill the market needs.And it was in Geneva where the headquarters of Femoza were established. It received all support from the Swiss Government and from the Canton of Geneva, as well as an infrastructure of support and information by the different divisions of the United Nations and International Institutions.
In this way, Femoza was founded in December of 1.999.



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