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The Great Silk Road was the ancient trade route that connected East and West. The Altynkol station and the international center for cross-border cooperation Khorgos located on the New Silk Road will process the cargo traffic to Iran, the Persian Gulf, Central Asia and Europe. Creation of a special economic zone “Khorgos – Eastern Gate” plays an important role in this task. 77 out of 91 infrastructure facilities have already been built here, and another seven are being built. 25 investment projects worth more than 500 billion tenge are being implemented. Up to 5,000 people visit the center daily. KAHARMAN DZHAZIN, PRESIDENT, CENTER FOR CROSS-BORDER COOPERATION:  – We are starting the construction of a luggage terminal this year. The entry and the exits of goods people buy will be monitored electronically. Altynkol station marked its 5th anniversary. The cargo traffic has increased significantly since the modernization. If previously it was processing only 80,000 tonnes of cargo per year now this figure reaches 1.5 million tonnes.

Kazakhstan has a great potential in the sphere of international transport logistics. Development of SEZ Khorgos Eastern Gate is one of the largest Central Asian projects that can expand Kazakhstan’s transit capacities.

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