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Daunte Wright shooting: Police resignations fail to ease unrest over death

Protests continue after a Minnesota police chief and the officer who killed a black motorist quit.

Afghans face pivotal moment as US prepares to 'close the book'

Could the US decision to pull its troops from Afghanistan by 11 September lead to civil war?

Chinese man kidnapped and killed in elaborate body swap scheme

The victim was used as a replacement for another corpse, whose family wanted to avoid a burial ban.

Louisiana ship capsize: Search for survivors from 'lift' vessel

Rescuers have so far saved six of the commercial ship's reported 18 crew members from the water.

'No say over my body': Alleged US ICE detainee medical abuse

Dozens of women allege they faced invasive gynaecological procedures while being held at a US immigration detention centre.

Hundreds test positive for Covid at Hindu festival

This comes a day after more than three million Hindus visited the festival as India's cases soar.

Stolen Roman statue found in Brussels antique shop

The headless figure, estimated to be worth €100,000, disappeared from a site near Rome 10 years ago.

Russia to consider Biden plan for Putin summit

The Kremlin said it was "early" to talk of a meeting, after the two presidents spoke on the phone.

Egypt seizes ship that blocked Suez Canal over $900m compensation claim

The Ever Given's insurers call Egypt's claim "extraordinarily large" and "largely unsupported".

Mayan urn returned to Mexico by Albion College

The urn, made between 900 and 1600 AD, has been housed at Albion College, Michigan, since 1969.

Ludwig Ahgren breaks Twitch subscription record after 31-day stint

Ludwig Ahgren has more than 282,000 paying subscribers after a month-long Twitch ‘subathon‘.

Niger school blaze: Trapped children die in Niamey

The fire in Niamey engulfed straw classrooms and those in the nursery could not escape.

NZ to launch world-first climate change rules

New Zealand wants it financial firms to be more upfront about climate risks when investing and lending.

Neighbours: Actress Sharon Johal also alleges racism on soap

Sharon Johal says she faced taunts and mockery of her Indian background from other castmates.

Omegle: 'I'm being used as sex-baiting bot' on video chat site

A user of video chat site Omegle says he was paired with a video bot of himself performing sexual acts.

US envoy John Kerry woos China over climate

US envoy John Kerry will hold talks in Shanghai ahead of a climate summit hosted by President Biden.

Iran nuclear deal: Shadow of sabotage hangs over critical talks

An attack on Iran's key nuclear site has just complicated efforts to save the frayed accord.

Covid: 'Israel may be reaching herd immunity'

A leading doctor describes it as the "only explanation" for cases falling as restrictions are eased.

Why $30m didn't protect Nigerian pupils after Chibok

The 2014 student abductions led to a plan backed by the UK but little has come of it seven years on.

Why 'stay-at-home parent' is a job title

LinkedIn now gives parents a way to reflect a career gap. Can it help the return-to-work challenge?

St Vincent volcano: Island covered in layer of grey as La Soufriere erupts

La Soufriere, on the island of St Vincent, has been erupting for the past five days.

Masked men destroy printers at controversial Hong Kong newspaper

CCTV shows four men storming the Epoch Times newspaper printing plant and destroying equipment.

Covid: Younger Brazilians fall ill as cases explode

Research suggests more than half of patients being treated in intensive care last month were under 40.

Daunte Wright: Bodycam footage shows arrest

A police body camera captured the fatal traffic stop that has sparked protests in Minnesota.

Minneapolis: Daunte Wright killing by police sparks unrest

There was unrest near Minneapolis after police fatally shoot a black man in a traffic stop.


FEMAC stands for FEMOZA Strategic Partner, a venture created to assist, support and guide Special Economic Zones throughout the globe. FEMOZA, the world’s leading Free & Special Economic Zone Federation, has exclusively mandated FEMAC with this task. Even though SEZ programs are often created with good incentives, many SEZs lack the technical know-how necessary to be competitive in the global stage. Our goal is to provide Zones with this know-how and help them become enterprises aligned with world class standards. Most importantly, we are here to offer this support with the warranty of economic development, social innovation and best practices of management. Our customers are zone developers, governments, and organizations looking to develop their countries’ SEZs. Read more at


FEMOZA, “The World Free & Special Economic Zones Federation” created a headquartered in Geneva, on December 1999. It’s a not-for-profit NGO, registered under its Statutes and the Articles 60th and the relevant clauses of the Swiss Civil Code.

It is the only such Swiss National Organisation, representing the interests of SEZ’s globally. Granted by UNCTAD’s and UNIDO’s with the Status of Observer, Member of the GCCI, Geneva. 

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Our customers love us! Read what they have to say below. Aliquam sed justo ligula. Vestibulum nibh erat, pellentesque ut laoreet vitae.

FEMOZA has kept us so well informed on significant development in Free Zones around the globe. Being on top of things has helped us build credibility for our company with others in the region. I really appreciate your efforts in keeping me informed.

George Abraham

Chief Operating Officer Global Resources, Dubai - United Arab Emirates

In fields of Free Zone Implementations; FEMOZA, referring to great master Juan Torrents, will undersign new successes in World Free Zones’ improvements in future  as well as in the past.

Mr. Edvar Mum

General Manager MESBAS-Mersin Free Zone Operator Inc. Mersin - Turkey

FEMOZA plays an essential role in the development and improvement of free zones, export development zones and special economic zones worldwide. More importantly, it assists in the education of the professionals who run these zones, by providing a platform for sharing best practices and innovative ideas. In its short history, FEMOZA has made a big impact.

Ms. Courtney Fingar

Editor in Chief, FDi Magazine (Financial Times Group) London - UK

Over the past 15 years, FEMOZA has been dedicated to helping free zones around the world to thrive, providing them an important platform for international exchange and cooperation, and in particular, building a bridge for Chinese enterprises to go global. 

Jun Liu

General Office, Shanghai Free Trade Zone Authority - China

FEMOZA, un outil formidable pour nous. Elle a démontré tout au long de ces années sa capacité à mobiliser, fédérer et promouvoir nos activités économiques communes.
La Zone Franche de l’Ile Mandji, comme un privilégié a bénéficié de l’assistance remarquable de la FEMOZA pour son développement. 

Mr. Salomon Olympio

Zone Franche de l’Ile Mandji General Coordinator - Gabon

FEMOZA has shown us all that growth has no limit. We keep revising our vision. Only when you dream it you can do it. And with FEMOZA heading the free zones cause, indeed a single window clearance has become a reality rather than a tag word used by many free zones to attract FDI.

Mr. Prakash L. Lulla

Allow me to express my deep respect towards you and to thank for your support of the initiatives of Gomel Branch of the BeICCI aiming to multiply contacts with foreign partners.

V. Filonova

Gomel Branch of the BeICCI Director General Marina - Belarus

Cordial, professional i proactiva. Així definiríem la nostra relació amb FEMOZA. Ha estat tot un plaer per a nosaltres col•laborar amb una Institució d'un prestigi internacional tant elevat, compartint en tot moment les seves inquietuds.

Mr. Eduard Alcaraz

Manager Director CETREX Marketing Digital - Spain

Com o apoio e parceria da FEMOZA, o modelo de desenvolvimento regional Zona Franca de Manaus obtém maior inserção internacional, o que permite apresentar seus resultados sociais, econômicos e ambientais alcançado.

Sandra M Almeida

Coordenadora - Geral de Comércio Exterior Superintendência da Zona Franca de Manaus - Brazil

Our close collaboration with FEMOZA allowed us to organize a successful Congress in which professionals working in the Free Economic Zones of different countries were able to share their experiences, discuss the latest developments in attraction of FDI, and learn about new activities implemented worldwide.

Mrs. Antonina Yezhova

Free Economic Zone Gomel-Raton Administration – Belarus


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